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The Breathe-Rite Energy Audit: Saving money in your Home or Office.




An ENERGY STAR® Energy Audit:

Do you need an Energy Audit? According to the EPA and the Department of Energy (DOE). when comparing the average home or office to an efficiently sealed building envelope we learn several things:

  • An Average of 40% of the energy loss Nationwide is the result of inefficient building conservation measures and building envelope deficiencies.
    • 70% of this total in residential buildings is due to inefficiencies that can be addressed and corrected.
  • Energy and Envelope Design Consultants working with SCE, So Cal Gas, and the California Energy Commission estimate that more than 85% of the residential and commercial HVAC systems in the State of California are either poorly designed or poorly installed. This is contributing to major energy losses. What is this cost to you?

In the average home, the energy losses represent the equivalent of living with a 14” hole in the roof. Imagine your energy dollars disappearing into the atmosphere.

If you are considering Solar (photovoltaic) to recoup your energy losses, then think again. There is no payoff to installing PV (Solar Panels) without addressing the Energy Potential.

Why an Energy Audit? The energy efficiency of your building envelope is only as strong as its weakest link.

Examples of components that have measurable efficiencies include:

  • Adequate and properly installed insulation
  • Efficient (properly installed) windows
  • Efficient weather-stripping and envelope sealing
  • Integrity in design, installation and efficiency of your HVAC system
  • Properly sealed ducts
  • Building envelope security with safe and adequate ventilation
  • Proper Air Balancing (both in and out) between zones in conditioned space
  • Building structural integrity
  • Identified zones of heat loss
  • Lighting design that minimizes lost energy and increases efficiency
  • Electrical systems installed to balance power use and minimize improper loading

Weak links in your homes energy profile cost money and also create health problems by trapping pollution of inside your home.

Here’s how the Breathe-Rite® ENERGY STAR® audit will save YOU Money and Your Health:

  • We identify and measure the causes of your energy loss. We don’t guess.
  • We evaluate your actual energy efficiency. We provide you a report specific to your home/office efficiency based on the HERS Energy Rating Scale. This is the scale prescribed by both ENERGY STAR and U.S. Department of Energy
  • We will identify the deficiencies we find and demonstrate how they affect your energy use and personal health.
  • We perform the audit of your home or office without the prejudice trying to up-sell you equipment or unnecessary construction.
  • If we cannot demonstrate an energy savings that will re-pay you more than the cost of our audit, we will refund the difference up to the entire cost of the audit itself.**

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California Energy Commission – (State of California Agency tasked with Controlling Programs related to Energy and Efficiency in all Federal and State Programs)