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Why Breathe-Rite for your
Home or Property Evaluation

People order our home evaluations for any number of reasons, and these include:

  • A property evaluation prior to making and offer on a home or office

  • A property evaluation prior to selling a residence or business

  • A property evaluation prior to the close of escrow to confirm the decision

  • To assess 'True Property Value’ vs. competing properties

There are a large number of alternatives to choose from when you need a quick (or detailed) property evaluation.

Your choice is to look at just the bricks and mortar, or have the professionals at Breathe-Rite perform a comprehensive audit with an eye on ALL aspects of the property. Our Team of Three technicians are trained to look at the geographic, environmental, and energy potential of your property. We assess and detail what others may miss.

Breathe-Rite will perform your evaluation AND alert you to potential involvement from the ‘silent’ property issues that make up the BIG picture.

There are a large number of property inspectors to choose from in today’s market. In California, Home Inspectors are not required to carry licensure. Many times the cheapest inspector has few qualifications and may even be working part time. It is important that you review affiliations and certifications. We are proud of ours and you may view some of them at the bottom of our Welcome Page.

Our Team of Three Approach:

  • A licensed general contractor

  • A California HERS (Home Energy Rating System) Rater

  • A California Whole House Analyst

At Breathe-Rite we help you become a more informed buyer and reduce the chance of surprises later. We evaluate:

  • Condition of the components
  • Home envelop integrity
  • Potential energy efficiency & a
  • Thorough, accurate and unbiased report

Our success will always be measured by the happiness and loyalty of our clients. Now you can afford to Choose the best to assess your new or used home purchase.

See our Rate Page on this website.

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Learn more about the people behind Breathe-Rite AirLearn more about the people behind Breathe-Rite Air.

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