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Real Estate Inspection or Real Estate Audit?

Most Home Inspection Companies just provide the usual Home Inspection Services. Breathe-Rite adds services and integrity well beyond just the Inspections. You actually have the choice of Four Real Estate Inspection Services for the Price of One!

With a Breathe-Rite Real Estate Audit you may now include the Real Estate Inspection Services of four professionals. A California licensed Building Contractor, a HERS Rater (Home efficiency rating system), a Certified Whole House Analyst and a Licensed Real Estate Appraiser if you choose. There is not a more comprehensive Real Estate Inspection Service in Southern California.

Breathe-Rite inspects, evaluates and photographs all visible aspects of your home’s remarkable features -- structure, HVAC system, appliances, electrical, lighting, plumbing, roofing, crawl spaces, yard and surrounding area. We include Thermal Images (TIR), laser particle counts and HVAC evaluation. If an environmental knowledge uncovers potential problems, we can also perform any environmental testing that may be necessary—At That Time. We can advise you on the potential of a Home Energy Audit and give you a preliminary opinion on where the home fits into the energy consumption scale. Then, when you decide to perform energy upgrades from windows to insulation to duct work…you’re prepared.

  • We will compile inspection, testing results, and education materials (2-5 business days). We offer a verbal preliminary report the first 24 hours.
  • We deliver a “Final Report” via the web. Your report is uploaded to provide immediate viewing when complete.

If you require a certified appraisal, Breathe-Rite can provide a detailed Real Estate appraisal that will help you……... Your technician or a Breathe-Rite representative remains available to consult and answer questions about your Real Estate Inspection testing process to insure that nothing within our ability is missed or misunderstood. Why Perform a Home Inspection

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Learn more about how Breathe-Rite Air Compares with it's Competitors
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Learn more about how Breathe-Rite Air Compares with it's CompetitorsLearn more about how Breathe-Rite Air Compares with it's Competitors.

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EPA – Environmental Protection Agency (US agency charged with Regulating the Environment)