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Our Industry Clients

The Homeowner

Breathe-Rite is the ultimate in a home Environmental and ENERGY STAR audit specialist. We examine structure, internal systems (including HVAAC), outdoor environment, appliances, building materials, installation integrity, and efficiency.

For less than the cost of a tune-up on your car, or a months utilities, we can provide a blueprint of your homes issues. Our inspection will offer solutions to guide you in making your home a safe environment.

Many of our Environmental inspections, testing measures, and assessments are tax deductable with documentation from your physician.

All our ENERGY STAR HERS audits are eligible for U.S. Government grants, rebates and tax deductions. Some are eligible for direct energy efficiency reimbursement. All are guaranteed to return the cost of the audit within six months* or we will reimburse you the difference.
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The Physician

Breathe-Rite is more than an environmental testing company. We actually identify environmentally based ‘triggers’ that affect your patients lives daily. We look for causes of illness within the home setting. These may be due to inadequate envelope systems or structural deficiencies within the home. We then provide you with the information as a tool in your diagnosis. This additional insight may serve to alter response or outcome.

With your prescription, for most chronic respiratory patients, we can provide a fully tax deductible home inspection that addresses cause.
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The Real Estate Professional

Breathe-Rite is a home Environmental and ENERGY STAR Audit service that provides peace of mind to your buyers. Along with a basic home inspection, we provide complete energy auditing, and can scan for potential sources of indoor air issues. We bring your clients assurance that their purchase is well founded.

We guarantee that our home Energy Star audit changes will pay you back over time or we will refund the difference.
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The Residential Property & Casualty Insurers

Breathe-Rite is the Only Environment and ENERGY STAR auditing corporation in California that carries a license of the CA Board of Pharmacy. . We use the latest in technology to provide a more focused scientific means of evaluating potential unseen issues for underwriters. Testing, analysis, and identification of invisible problems now, and potential energy savings will provide you with a clearer picture of what needs to be included in full risk identification.

The identification of environmental deficiencies, and energy performance deficits along with building envelope integrity will insure not only that your clients’ investment is safe but that your insured liability will remain trouble-free. We will certify each of our ‘Whole House Envelope’ audits with our 3 year guarantee.**

Breathe-Rite can also provide ‘same day’ testing for Asbestos, Mold, and other Environmental Hazards.
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The Health Insurers

Breathe-Rite provides the opportunity to investigate actual disease triggers. For the first time you can have a measure of potential environmental hazards. These hazards may be contributing to your insured’s overall health.

"To treat the cause is to remove the symptom. To continually treat the symptom without regard to the cause, is futility."

Our inspection is designed to decrease costly claims (i.e. ER visits, extraordinary office visits, hospitalizations, increased medication costs). The Breathe-Rite inspection will also aid you in risk assessments, and allow you to practice preventative medicine rather than responsive medicine.
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The Remediation Contractors

Breathe-Rite is able to perform testing based on your time schedule. Whether it be asbestos verification, or post (mold) remediation verification, our professionals have the ability to meet your unique needs. We usually perform tests the same day, so you can be about verifying your estimates.
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The Pest Control Industry

Breathe-Rite is able to provide you with an in-depth and unbiased look at your clients dwelling. Testing, assessment and back-up are all part of a service which allow you to offer precise evaluations in client proposals.

We offer the highest quality verification when your job is complete.

The Breathe-Rite Pharmacy certification will add to your clients peace-of-mind, and bring you customers for life.
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