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Gene Sperling

Gene Sperling


    (Mercy Health Center, Oklahoma City)
    • Chair Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee
    • Infectious Disease Committee
    • Oversight of hospital I.V. clean room, admixture services
    • Administration of Pharmacy Intern Programs
    • Outpatient I.V. Chemotherapy, Infectious Disease, I.V. Nutrition Therapy, Immunotherapy, Drug Rehab, Skilled Nursing, Psychiatric in-patient & out-patient
    • I.V. Clean Room installations for sterile compounding
  • REGIONAL DIRECTOR (Option Care Home Infusion & Clean Room Services)
  • OWNER OF BREATHE-RITE AIR Respiratory Services – U.S. and Canadian Mail Order Respiratory Products
  • BREATHE-RITE AIR Home Environmental Testing/Diagnostics (
    • Consultation on Building Envelope Science (Building Performance Institute & CA Building Performance Contractors Assoc)
    • HERS Certified – Home Energy Rating System
    • EPA Energy Star Partner (Rating, Auditing, Diagnostics)
    • Building Analyst’s, Whole House Envelope BPI
    • GSA – Government Services Organization Licensed
  • BREATHE-RITE AIR Home Environmental Testing/Diagnostics
    • Consultation on Building Envelope Science (Member; Building Performance Institute & California Building Performance Contractors Assoc)
    • HERS Certified – Home Energy Rating System
    • EPA Energy Star Partner (Rating, Auditing, Diagnostics)
    • Building Analyst’s, Whole House Envelope BPI
    • GSA – Government Services Organization Licensed
  • CURRENT & PAST AFFILIATIONS – CA Department of Health Services Surge Design Committee, IAQA Indoor Air Quality Association, IESO Indoor Environmental Standards Organization, CalCerts, GSA, CA Pharmacists Association, National Pharmacists Association, Numerous Home Health Agencies


  • THE BREATHE-RITE PURPOSE – Bring medical awareness of respiratory diseases, allergies & immunology into the realm of personal environment. Combine medical knowledge with building science. Our reports will provide you with a step-up action plan that addresses your unique situation
  • THE BREATHE-RITE MISSION – To audit, study and bring awareness to:
    • Discover the origins of ‘Toxicant Induced Loss of Tolerance’ TILT – View the home/office as a single system to determine reason(s) for allergic reactions i.e. chemicals, foods, particulates, mold
    • The effects of sealed indoor environments on respiratory health
    • Apply knowledge in ventilation, HVAC systems, building design, current standards and practices
    • Apply Building Envelope Science to remediate environmental issues of mold, chemicals, pesticides, and respiratory disease triggers
    • Educate the client on "Control of The Personal/Office Environment"
    • Relationship between Respiratory Medications and Indoor Environment Defects
    • How Air Quality and Building Environment issues affect Asthma, Chronic Rhinitis, Cystic Fibrosis, COPD, Allergic Reactions, Opportunistic Pathogens, Mold & Immunological Responses

Current research interest in studying the effects of how sealed environments are affecting our indoor health. This includes the ways that our homes use energy, and is a result of thousands of visits with respiratory patients over the past 15 years.

Problems in the nation are numerous and include inadequate ventilation, poorly installed HVAC systems, lack of consistent standards and practices, improper weatherization, poorly installed insulation, and the lack of proper pressurization between zones in the home.

Expertise in Building Envelope Science is the correct prescriptive measure for these relationships, and Gene has made this his study for the past 3 years.

Our simple mission is to identify the poor design or construction that has occurred by this under-regulated industry, and to correctly assess the necessary modifications. 50% of our energy use and a similar percentage of our respiratory and immune issues can be directly attributed to visible ventilation issues within the home.

We apply a scientific approach to Home/Office Energy Performance using the ENERGY STAR® model. We then bring awareness, through education, to our clients’ on their specific performance measurements. This produces Efficiency with Comfort & Health.

I have designed numerous ‘Clean Room’ facilities and have a working knowledge of the sterile environment. I have spent the last 5 years studying the relationships between HVAC systems, their energy use and their relationship to clean and balanced air flow within buildings. The HVAC system, the design of the building, and how everything functions in harmony is a developing discipline known as ‘Building Envelope Science’. The proper functioning of the Building Envelope is crucial for the health and comfort of the occupants.

The knowledge I have gained from thousands of home and hospital visits have brought a unique awareness of how our personal environment and the building envelopes that we live in have a direct bearing on our overall health.
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Bill Kourkos

Bill Kourkos

Bill is a certified appraiser at Breathe-Rite Air. A summary of his qualifications include:

  • Managed all aspects of business operations (20 years) which included consulting, strategic planning, identifying key business opportunities, forecasting, ROI, resource management, budgets, direct sales, hiring and training office and field staff. Business included a comprehensive analysis of properties and writing of appraisal reports for financial institutions and property owners.
  • Implemented, and managed energy efficiency programs of up to 100 employees within a 50,000 square mile service area for Investor Owned Utilities and Public Owned Utilities. Marketed these utility programs to the local governments, businesses, and general public.
  • Marketed and maintained large corporate accounts, such as Chase Manhattan Bank, for over 12 years, involving quality control, retrospective analysis and issue resolution of properties valued over $600 million in sales volume.
  • Inspected over 10,000 buildings as a property analyst and energy consultant consisting of SFR’s, apartments and commercial buildings. Inspected building envelop, zoning, permits, easements, environmental influences, lighting, mechanical systems, insulation, plumbing and electrical systems.
  • Whole House Energy Rater, HERS I & HERS II. Energy Analyst, Title 24 2008, compliance inspections, building envelope and HVAC Inspections, home energy audits and lighting audits.
  • Building/Site Value Analysis Specialist - State Appraiser
    • Skilled nursing
    • Property consultations and site analysis for completion of appraisal reports. Clients included business owners, lending institutions, sales and quality control departments, Private and Portfolio Investors, government agencies and property managers. Property value analysis included the, IRR, ROI, NOI, cost/benefit analysis, income approach, market comparison and cost approach analysis.
    • Successfully created a sustainable office by mobilizing office, field staff and product production. Implemented latest technologies which allowed for substantial cost savings and decreased product delivery times, under strict time constraints
    • Project Manager whole house retrofit for properties in need of rehabilitation. Initiated and negotiated purchases of investment properties for investors to refurbish, modernize and rebuild. Managed construction crews and negotiated with contractors, realtors and potential buyers through project completion and sale of property.
  • Program Manager/Supervisor/Energy Analyst
    • Implemented energy conservation programs. Hired contract personnel, trained, office and field staff to conduct home energy audits, lighting audits for apartments, rebate processing, demand response and installation of energy efficiency measures.
    • Implemented and managed Southern California Gas Company’s, Thermal Imaging Heat Loss Program. This involved three person management teams setting up mobile centers within public malls consisting of 10 to 20 energy efficiency consultants. Management team marketed to local governments, politicians, businesses, builder’s, contractors and the general public.
    • Program Manager; managed Southern California Edison, Solar Thermal Hot Water Heater Program within utilities 50,000 square mile service territory. Verified proper installation of systems and consulted with SCE management, field offices, engineering department and corporate office.
  • Education, Professional Development
    • Energy Auditing Techniques for Small and Medium Commercial Facilities. PG&E four day course. Energy Audit Skills, Tools, Data Collection techniques and calculations.
    • Financial Analysis Techniques, ROI, IRR, PV, NPV, TVM, SPP, MIRR, DCF, Cost/Benefit Analysis, Argus Style Analysis, Gross Lease, Net Lease, Fixed-Base Lease.
    • ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, Benchmarking, Commissioning, and Retro-Commissioning, Life Cycle Costing, lighting, solar and Package Unit Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC).
    • Implementing Energy Efficient Projects, Energy Pro for 2008 Standards, Energy Pro Envelope and Windows, Energy Pro Indoor Outdoor Lighting.
    • 2008 Title 24 Energy Efficiency Standards for Plan Checkers and Inspections, Title 24 2008 Non-Residential Buildings, Non-Residential Utility Rates, Energy Efficiency Rebates.·

  • CALCERTS HERS I/HERS II Certification Classes
    • 2008 Building Energy Efficiency (Title 24) Standards, Title 20, Field Verifications and Diagnostic Testing, alterations and change outs to existing homes.
    • Compliance Inspections: duct sealing, thermostatic expansion valves (TXVs), refrigerant charge, airflow measurement, high quality insulation Installation inspection (QII).
    • Building envelope sealing measures, residential HVAC and energy efficiency, California Climate Zones, principles of heat Transfer, residential energy systems.
    • Whole House Hers Rater: understanding HVAC energy use, heating energy use, lighting energy use, appliances, ancillary energy use, building envelope sealing (Blower Door Test), Basic Duct Leakage Test (smoke).
    • Field Verification and Diagnostic Testing of Photovoltaic’s Systems: equipment verification, verification of performance and Installation specifications, shading analysis, verification of tilt and azimuth.

  • Professional Certifications & Licenses
    • Certified HERS Rater I Certified Compliance Rater
    • Certified HERS Rater II Certified Solar Inspector
    • Certified Whole House Energy Rater Certified Residential Appraiser
    • Certified Energy Analyst FHA Approved Appraiser
    • Certified Energy Inspector
    • State Certified Energy Auditor (RCS) 1980
    • Certification: Real Estate Fundamentals – Fullerton College

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Bill Kourkos
Stephen S. Menzer – CA General Contractors License B 842984

Steve has over 25 years of general contracting experience. His California projects are broad and have included all phases of the industry. New and remodel homes, commercial renovation, specialty surveillance electronics, gates and fencing, soil conservation, hillside drainage, and weatherization. Steve is now moving into the ENERGY STAR construction market in conjunction with Breathe-Rite in order to bring our energy future into today’s design.

Steve has also done numerous Government and FAA security projects at El Monte, Boron, Torrance, Riverside, and Livermore.

In addition to California, Steve has completed projects in Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Nevada, Washington, and New Mexico.
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Karen Snyder

Karen has been a pharmacy technician for over 20 years. She has extensive experience in hospital, home I.V. therapy, and respiratory pharmacy.

She has overseen medication management, customer service, quality control, and physician-pharmacy interactions.

Karen has made it her mission to make each client feel as if they are the ‘only client’. She has developed systems of follow-up and follow-through that have made businesses stand apart from the crowd. Karen makes home visits regularly to interact with her clients. She has been a sponsor and organizer for National Breast Cancer Awareness.
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Jeff Nattkemper

Jeff has directed sales and marketing efforts for various businesses, and most recently for Breathe-Rite Air. Jeff has territorial responsibilities for Ventura, Los Angeles and Orange Counties

Jeff is a member of IAQA, a certified environmental specialist, an asbestos investigator, and a certified mold inspector.

He has coordinated relations with physicians, nurses, insurance companies, and health care agencies to further the care of BreatheRite patients.
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Richard Freeborn

Richard has been a small business owner, and has over 25 years experience in construction, air quality investigation, mold inspection/analysis, and the forensics of remediation. His educational background in science, combined with construction give Richard a unique expertise.

Richard is a certified mold inspector, a certified thermographer, a mold tech examiner, and a certified indoor environmentalist. He is a member of IAQA and IESO. Over the past 4 years Richard has traveled and researched issues facing the Home Environmental industry.

Richard serves as a special technical consultant to Breathe-Rite and lends his expertise to interpretation of test result, and development of testing criteria for highly specific projects.
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