#1 History Documentation

(This is the first of a series)

Allergies, asthma, weakened immune systems and fatigue are common problems and may be related to the home or office environment. Many of us are not aware of how to discover the indoor environmental issues on our own. After years of home and office consultations dealing with medication profiles along with poor air quality and environmental hazards, our Breathe-Rite home inspections (audits) have revealed that there are many common themes. Continue reading

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Addressing mold requires just a little thought in order to conserve resources and not move existing mold to new locations. The following are examples of how the home/office owner can be more confident of success: Continue reading

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The VOC Primer by gene sperling, pharmacist

  • The Example of Diesel (a classic VOC joined with particulates)
  • When Should I Worry?
  • Should I test? What Should be Tested First?
  • How Much Does Testing Cost?
  • What are My Alternatives If VOC’s are an Issue?

In virtually all cases of VOC exposure, the problems are intensified when VOC’s mix with other VOC’s or certain particulates. In the case of diesel VOC’s we can view an example of numerous possibilities. The scenario goes something like this: Continue reading

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The VOC Primer by gene sperling, pharmacist

  • What are Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)?
  • Where Do VOC’s Come From?
  • What Are the Symptoms In the Body?

In the past few months I have been asked an increasing number of questions related to Volatile Organic Compounds. What are they, exactly? Where do they come from? What are the symptoms in the body? When should I worry? How much does the testing cost? In this introductory article we will examine what VOC’s are in the form of an overview. We will get into the more specific dangers in subsequent posts. Continue reading

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Many times, the Breathe-Rite pharmacists performing home inspections in Los Angeles Ventura, Santa Barbara, Riverside and Orange counties are looking at health issues blamed on mold. Our clients have run out of patience, used too many medications without results, or performed costly construction abatements—with mixed results. Continue reading

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INFRARED THERMOGRAPHY is the science of using specialty cameras to measure heat radiation compared surface temperature. Breathe-Rite uses this technology in all of its Environmental Audits, Energy Audits, and Real Estate Inspections. The term “infrared” simply means “past red”, and refers to the area the wavelength occupies in the electromagnetic spectrum. RADIATION is the movement of heat that occurs when radiant energy (electromagnetic waves) moves without a direct medium of transfer (i.e. a hole in the wall). Continue reading

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A ‘short’ explanation by Dr Ulrike Ziegner, MD, PhD, Board Certified Allergy Immunology

Figure 1: Mold sample from nasal tissue

Molds are microscopic fungi. They are among the most widespread of all living organisms we know. They number in the 10’s of thousands of varieties. Unlike plants, mold is unable to produce its own food from sunlight and air, so it lives on plant and animal matter that it decomposes or depends upon for nourishment. Continue reading

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Chemical (Volatile Organic Compound) Injury to the Lungs

Which Filtration Unit is Best for Persons with Chemical Injuries of the Respiratory Tract…How Should You Choose?

Breathe-Rite pharmacists receive many calls asking to help clarify the question “……which HEPA/Residential Filtration System is right for me?”

Many times these questions are easily answered over the phone. Generally we can direct individuals to our blog site, where comparisons are set side-by-side.

There are times, however, in which our patients have a more specific damage to the lung or an illness which requires special, individual attention. Continue reading

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Work Remediate…..Eliminate Contamination

All facilities managers and engineering departments are attentive to working in sensitive areas where airborne materials may pollute or contaminate employee work areas. Contamination may also affect sensitive lab instruments and computer hardware.

Significant time and labor efforts are spent to remediate these occurrences. Often times the correct barriers are not available or short-cuts must be taken address the situation. Time spent with makeshift equipment can lead to frustration and inadequate protection

Significant costs arise when the right equipment is not available, accessible and easy to install. Continue reading

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Environmental Containment Units

Maintaining Integrity in Indoor Environments While Performing Remediation…Use of the Mintie ECU Family of Collapsable, Portable Barriers

Construction, Remediation & Maintenance

The Mintie ECU (Environmental Containment Unit) line is a family of collapsible, portable containment units. They are easily deployed barriers for use when ‘critical’ areas within the workplace require an effective containment with minimal disruption.

Breathe-Rite Air represents the Mintie ECU total solution. This unique line of barriers, allow technicians to work clean and work safely when the environment dictates isolation. Continue reading

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