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Home Real Estate Audit

Breathe-Rite Air adds NEW SERVICES and more integrity to the Real Estate Inspections. Three for the Price of One!

A Breathe-Rite Real Estate Audits now include the services of 3 (Three) professionals. A CA licensed Building Contractor, a HERS Rater (Home efficiency rating system), and a Certified Whole House Analyst. There is not a more comprehensive audit service in California.

We then inspect, evaluate and photograph all visible aspects of your home’s remarkable features-- Structure, HVAC system, appliances, electrical, lighting, plumbing, roofing, crawl spaces, yard and surrounding area. We include Thermal Images (TIR), laser particle counts, HVAC evaluation, and give you a preliminary opinion on where the home fits into the energy consumption scale. Then, when you decide to perform energy upgrades from windows to insulation to duct work…you’re prepared.

  • Compile inspection, testing results, and education materials (2-5 business days). We offer a verbal preliminary report the first 24 hours.

  • Delivery of “Final Report”. Your report may also be uploaded to our server for your immediate viewing when complete.

If you want a certified appraisal, we can provide that too (For an additional fee).

Your technician or a BR representative remains available to consult and answer questions about your testing process to insure that nothing, within our ability, is missed or misunderstood. Why Perform a Home Evaluation

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Learn more about how Breathe-Rite Air Compares with it's Competitors
Breathe-Rite Vs Competition

Learn more about how Breathe-Rite Air Compares with it's CompetitorsLearn more about how Breathe-Rite Air Compares with it's Competitors.

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EPA – Environmental Protection Agency (US agency charged with Regulating the Environment)